Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Well I managed to finish another little bear and put her up on ebay. Her name is Elizabeth and she's my latest design. I wanted to try something I gave her some rosy cheeks!! I really like the way she turned out! I'm extremely fond of her so I wasn't to sure if I wanted to part with her or not!.....(I am allowed to keep one from time to time...heehee). So here's Elizabeth's link to her ebay auction if you would like to have a peek.

Happy Wednesday!
Kristina :O)

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Friday, January 25, 2008

"A Treasure Found"

I have a nice and very small collection of antique bisque dolls. I mean very small. Most are out of my price range but once in awhile I'm able to treat myself to a pretty dolly. I truely don't know to much about them but they just appeal to me and that's why I buy them.
My mother was out on one of her many thrift store outings in search of the next perfect thing for her doll house or piece of fabric for my bears...which I of course always need...when she found a sweet doll sitting in the glass cabinet. was love at first sight! I'm not to sure how old she is and she has definitely been well loved....but what a wonderful treasure to find. She is now sitting happily in our cabinet where she will be admired! I guess my mother was destined to be there at that moment. I've taken a couple of quick pics of her to share with you. They don't really capture how pretty she is, hopefully I can take some better ones later.

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Well I'm finished and as promised I took a couple of quick pictures of my dog that I was creating. I'm very happy with the way he turned out!!! He is wearing a diamond studded collar that I've had forever. Not to sure where I got it but I was obviously supposed to save it for Rascal. It fits him perfectly! I had a lot of fun making him , I even wired his ears so they can be positioned for more character...which he is full of!!

I will be selling him at the next bear show I do...that is if I can part with him!!!

Happy weekend to you all!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Kahlua! My new bear!

I'm finished!!! I'm so happy. I love the way my new bear has turned out! Her name is "Kahlua" and I've just listed her on ebay. I really enjoyed trying out the colored glass eyes and now that I know I like them I will have to order some more! Yippeeeee, shopping for bear stuff, one of my favorite past times...heehee.....
Kahlua is my first 2008 bear on ebay. Please if you have a moment feel free to stop in at my auction! I would love to hear from you!
Now that I'm done Kahlua I am off to continue working on my dog!
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Friday, January 11, 2008

AHHHHHH The Weekend!!

After a very long and busy week, I am sure happy the weekend is here!!

I did manage to sew together a miniature bear this week....and she is almost done. I've used colored glass eyes for the first time and I'm loving the way it is looking. I can't wait to finish her this weekend. I will post some photos as soon as I'm done.

I also managed to get to the sewing machine (which I got for Christmas from my Santa Baby :O) I've started on a bigger bear, well actually he's a dog. I haven't created a dog since I first started making bears. I made my aunt one and haven't made one since. I was trying to organize my fabrics..HAHA...and I got inspired by some mohair that I had and that was it!! I will post photos of him as well.

Happy Friday!!!!
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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Duckie

I was looking at my Christmas pics and thought I'd share my favorites of my dog "Julie". She received a giant duckie from Santa.....which she absolutely loves! It wasn't her first duckie but it was the largest one yet! Needless to say we were sweeping up Duckie fluff and stuff for the next few days....heehee.
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Thursday, January 3, 2008

A New Year and a New Blog

Well I decided it was time for me to try this out! With the help of friends I am slowly figuring it all out. I love reading other blogs and so many of them are inspirational that I thought I really need to give this a whirl!

I had a fantastic Christmas and a nice and quiet New Year's. Surrounded with family and friends, you really can't ask for much else! I look forward to creating many new bears this year, small and large. I also hope to attend a couple of bear shows and place a bear or two on ebay. Well with that said I am off to create some bear magic!

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