Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Doll House

Here is a picture of my mom's doll house. It is 3 years in the making and she is almost finished!! That is if you are ever really can continue adding little doodads for ever...heehee...
My mom gave me this doll house for Christmas about a hundred years ago...okay maybe not that long..I believe I was about six years old. It was the best Christmas present ever. My family didn't seem me for weeks! I would eat my dinner in my room just so I could continue playing. I have such fond memories of that year...I still remember it has if it were yesterday...sometimes I wish it was!!!
Anyway we decided it was time for my poor little house to get a face lift, so we started the renos and now we are hooked on miniature houses!! My mom has done a fantastic job creating this house!! She just has a few things to do and it will be complete. As soon as I can take some nice photos of the inside I will post them so you all can see what we have been creating for the past three years!! It is really amazing! I wish I could shrink myself and move in!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Kristina :O)
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