Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Long Day

I am so happy that tomorrow is Thursday cause that means Friday is just around the corner! I can't wait!!!
I had a lovely evening with a good friend of mine last night. I met my friend Evelyn at my first bear show and we became fast friends! She's a wonderful lady and she is addicted to my bears! Heehee! I always know that my bears are going to a great home where they will be admired and well loved!! Anyway she went home with two new bears to add to her growing collection. If she keeps coming over I won't have any bears to sell at the next bear show...heehee...

I have been currently working on a bigger panda bear which is turning out great so far. I'm very excited to finish her..or him.....whatever the bear decides to be! I'm also working on a new bug bear for St Patrick's Day. Gee I guess I better get sewing...enough with the chit chat!! :O)

Warm bear hugs,
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1 comment:

Melanie Clark said...

Glad to hear you had a good visit! I will put some feelers out about "the" show soon. I just have not had a chance. Maybe we can go out next weekend... I should have some money by then if you are up for it!