Monday, April 7, 2008

Getting Better

I'm happy to say I'm finally feeling a whole lot better. My cold is going away...thank goodness. It's been a very difficult weekend for reasons I'm not going to get into but I would like to say a big THANK YOU to those who have listened to me whine and cry and I appreciate you being there for me!!!!

Enough of that!!! LOL

I have finished my bear....yippeeee!!! He turned out better than I had imagined. I named him "Jeorgie" and I will be selling him at the Bear show I will be doing in September. I've been experimenting with adding eyelids to my bears. I'm really loving the look it creates.

I'm currently working on a new mini bear. I'm just finishing stuffing the little guy. I might actually finish him tonight. Depends how much energy I have! I will post some pictures as soon as I'm done.

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1 comment:

Melanie Clark said...

Awe, he is a cutie!