Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Under the Weather

This week has not started off very good. I seem to have caught a lovely little bug!! YUCK!!! Sore throat and all stuffy....and there was sooooooo much I wanted to work on!! But it seems all I can do is lay on my energy what so ever!! I just lay there and dream about the things I want to make...heehee....and my list keeps getting longer and longer! I did however manage to start on a new bigger panda this weekend. So far so good. I'm just itching to finish! I also have another raggedy bear partly finished....poor little thing probably thinks I abandoned him!! I also have been dreaming about another mini to make....well I may not get the energy to sew today but it was nice to be able to type a blurp on my blog.

Happy Middle of the Week Everyone!!!!

Kristina :O)
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