Thursday, May 29, 2008

Group Photo

I've been wanting to create a banner or some kind of image on my blog....I just can't seem to create one with some of my older photos with past I thought I'll do a group photo of some of my bears now!! I think it turned out not to bad.....I must admit they are kind of cute...LOL....
Well, I've finished sewing all my elephant pieces together and I'm working on my panda. Hopefully this weekend I will be finished both of them! I've needle felted a couple critters...which I'm really enjoying cause I don't have to put to much thought into it...heehee....sometimes not thinking is exactly what I need!! :O)

Big Bear Hugs
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fine Day.....Sunday!!

Okay, do you remember me talking about the pink bear I wanted to finish...well...she's actually a purple/lilac!......poor little bear has been waiting for so long I actually forgot what color she was!! I'M A BAD MOMMY!!! LOL.... Well I hope she'll forgive me cause I am now finished! YEAHHHHH!!!!

I plan on making her a little felted toy. Not to sure what though. I received my felting supplies the wheels in my head are turning...heehee...can you hear the loud squeaking!!!????
I just love getting supplies in the mail! It's so much nicer than the usual bills!

Well I'm off to start creating a mini toy...Happy Sunday!!!!

Kristina :O)
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Already???!!!!

Why oh why is the weekend over.....I need more weekend!!!! LOL

I had a great long weekend!! My boyfriend and I went out to my favorite aunt and uncle's cabin at the lake. We had so much fun, I just love going out there and spending time with them.
(I know you are reading this...heehee.....Thanks for letting us hang out with you guys!)

In between my relaxing and having a good time, I managed to needle felt another sock monkey. I'm getting pretty good at not poking my finger! I didn't bleed once!!! LOL. I was going to start on an elephant but I'm not happy with my pattern so it's back to the drawing board. Hopefully I'll finish my pink bear this week and I promise to take some photos as soon as I'm done!

Mini Hugs,
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Monday!!

Just wanted to stop in real quick and say Hi! It feels like I've been away forever......bad, bad Kristina..LOL!!!
I've been working on some new bears and I've also been doing some needle felting. I've started with a couple of sock monkeys and I have ideas for many more little critters!! I've ordered some more felting supplies and I can't wait to start. I finished a bear yesterday and I just took a couple of pics of my new cubs for you all to see. Plus my first needle felted sock monkey has happily found his way into the arms of his new bear friend!!!!

I have another sock monkey in the goal is to make tiny toys for my bears to hold and toys for doll houses as well. Should be interesting as my felting get smaller and smaller....LOL....oh my poor fingers!!!!! I also have a sweet little lilac bear waiting to be put together. I have plans for an elephant, another panda and a large bear made out of this beautiful brown/black tipped mohair that has been calling me for some time!!
Many Mini Hugs,
Kristina :O)
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