Thursday, May 29, 2008

Group Photo

I've been wanting to create a banner or some kind of image on my blog....I just can't seem to create one with some of my older photos with past I thought I'll do a group photo of some of my bears now!! I think it turned out not to bad.....I must admit they are kind of cute...LOL....
Well, I've finished sewing all my elephant pieces together and I'm working on my panda. Hopefully this weekend I will be finished both of them! I've needle felted a couple critters...which I'm really enjoying cause I don't have to put to much thought into it...heehee....sometimes not thinking is exactly what I need!! :O)

Big Bear Hugs
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Melanie Clark said...

Love the banner! look at all the cute little bears! yay!


Vicki said...

Fantastic banner, you make the sweetest little bears.

Vicki xx

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Vicki! It was my first attempt. I'm going to try another one for my web site....I'm on a role now..LOL