Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Monday!!

Just wanted to stop in real quick and say Hi! It feels like I've been away forever......bad, bad Kristina..LOL!!!
I've been working on some new bears and I've also been doing some needle felting. I've started with a couple of sock monkeys and I have ideas for many more little critters!! I've ordered some more felting supplies and I can't wait to start. I finished a bear yesterday and I just took a couple of pics of my new cubs for you all to see. Plus my first needle felted sock monkey has happily found his way into the arms of his new bear friend!!!!

I have another sock monkey in the goal is to make tiny toys for my bears to hold and toys for doll houses as well. Should be interesting as my felting get smaller and smaller....LOL....oh my poor fingers!!!!! I also have a sweet little lilac bear waiting to be put together. I have plans for an elephant, another panda and a large bear made out of this beautiful brown/black tipped mohair that has been calling me for some time!!
Many Mini Hugs,
Kristina :O)
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1 comment:

Melanie Clark said...

Aweeeeee, I love the sock monkey! That bear is just gorgeous btw, I think you should make some more of that one. Very nice!