Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Monday

Well I finished two out of three bears this weekend! Woohoo!! I made another raggedy bear and a very bright pink/cream panda. I will take some photos soon and post them. I cut out two more critters....another elephant only smaller and a tiny bear. I'm not going to do much sewing this evening, my poor fingers hurt from sewing this weekend.

I'm happy to say I received my sign up info for the Doll and Bear show for October in the mail today!! Very cool!!! I'll be getting that out this week. I can't wait!! I've been wanting to do a show for the last 2 years!!!

Hope everyone had a good start to their week and I will post photos soon!!

Bear Hugs
Kristina :O)
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Melanie Clark said...

Wow! You are a busy little bee. I can't wait too see them all in the fur! Yippeeee!

Vicki said...

oo i can't wait to see the pink panda when you get the chance to post some pictures.

Vicki xx