Monday, July 7, 2008


I'm very happy....I finished two new bears this weekend. The third bear I was working on unfortunately did not turn out. The fabric I was using was too soft and a very light color so you could see all my stitching! I just could not work with it. However my new babies turned out as sweet as can be......if I do say so myself LOL!!!

Please meet Hershey....................... he is 2 1/4 inches big of cuteness!!!

He is so yummy looking I just want to pop him in my mouth like a lil Hershey Kiss!!! Don't worry I won't...heehee....

And Heeerreeeee's Peanut!!

Another sweet little elephant..Peanut is 2 3/4 inches.
I'm having a nice lazy Monday..well not really...I've cut out two more bears! So I am now going to go throw a movie in and start sewing!!!
Warm bear hugs

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Melanie Clark said...

Awe, they are both so sweet. Peanut is just SUCH cutie. Is that that fabric I gave you? It looks good made into something. heehee.
You have been so (sew teehee) busy.

KRISTINA said...

Yup that's the fabric!! Makes a good elephant!

Antonella said...

che espressione dolcissima! Bellissimi!