Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm completely in love with my elephant! I finished her today and I am very happy. Her name is Buttercup! I can't wait to make another one. She's my first bigger elephant and I am now addicted. Here's a couple of pics of her....I'm not used to taking pictures of bigger bears....I hope they are okay!

I also finished my strange bear which turned out pretty sweet!!! LOL I wanted to create something different so I just messed around with one of my patterns and TADA!!!!! This little fella was born! Please say hello to Augustus!!!

I have been working on my cat that I have put away and taken out...I don't know how many times...heehee...but I redesigned the ears and now I'm trying it again. Third times a charm...right?

Bear Hugs

Kristina :O)

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hereeeeee's Some Pics

I was able to upload a few pics. The bear and dragon have not been given names yet. I'm still thinking!?
I hope you enjoy them!

Mini Bear Hugs!!!!!!

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