Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm completely in love with my elephant! I finished her today and I am very happy. Her name is Buttercup! I can't wait to make another one. She's my first bigger elephant and I am now addicted. Here's a couple of pics of her....I'm not used to taking pictures of bigger bears....I hope they are okay!

I also finished my strange bear which turned out pretty sweet!!! LOL I wanted to create something different so I just messed around with one of my patterns and TADA!!!!! This little fella was born! Please say hello to Augustus!!!

I have been working on my cat that I have put away and taken out...I don't know how many times...heehee...but I redesigned the ears and now I'm trying it again. Third times a charm...right?

Bear Hugs

Kristina :O)

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Melanie Clark said...

Omg, your Elephant is totally amazingly cute!!! Wonderful, you better make another of those! How many critters do you have now?


KRISTINA said...

I know..she is a sweetheart and she's even cuter in the fur..heehee I think I need to make a pink one!
I have 20 minis and 6 bigger bears. I'm working on my cat and so far so good. I was having problems with the kept looking like a bear with pointy ears..LOL...It's looking like a kitty now! I'm going to the face tomorrow, my hands are hurting from all the sewing today....

Melanie Clark said...

a pink one would be awesome. How much fabric do they take? I might have something that would make a cute Elephant.
26 is alot! that is awesome. Not sure how many I have. I will have to count. I've managed to aggrivate my back so I went to the chiropractor(sp?) today. He sent me for Xrays so who knows what that will show. So now have got nothing done the last 2 days.. I went after the Dr and got the last Harry potter movie. It hurts to sit and lay down so. I am just watching movies. I love that Luna girl.. hehee. She is so perfectly creepy :)

Vicki said...

Wow your Elephant is stunning, how big is she?
Love the new bear too, what a cutie

Vicki xx

Melanie so sorry to read you are not well, hope you are feeling better really soon hun
Vicki xx

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Vicki! I think she's about 9 inches. She is a real sweetie..I just love her. Melanie was introduced to Buttercup today....let's just say that someone tried to put an elephant in her bag...LOL...I am going to make some more soon(I hope). A nice pink or purple one...heehee...a grey one with pink inner ears is also on my list! SOOOOO many critters so little time!!!