Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'M HOME !!!!!

I am so glad to be back at home! I had a wonderful time but it's always so nice to return home.

Like I said I had a great time sooooooo much to share, just not enough know the ol' need a vacation from my vacation!!

I will share photos and more details later but for now in point form.....

1. Was proposed to and I accepted!!!
2. Met a wonderful lady by the name of RONA who has the most darling bear boutique that I stumbled upon....cried in (never seen so many amazing artist bears)....sat in the middle of her floor taking it all in.....bought a beautiful bear from....and Rona loves my bears too...yippee.....I can't wait to return and see her again. As Anne of Green Gables says she is a KINDRED SPIRIT!!!
3. Visited another sweet store for Doll house miniature....spent waaayyy to much money..LOL...AH Well Christmas is coming got to start buying now!
4. Spent time with friends and ate to much (probably gained 10 pounds)and had a whole lotta fun!!!!

As soon as I find the energy I will post some pictures.

Glad to be Home
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