Sunday, November 9, 2008


Today my wonderful Mom turned 29!!!!!! Okay she's a little older than that but that's a very good age!!! Actually she's 60 and fabulous!!!!!
We had a birthday party for her at my aunt and uncle's house and it was so much fun! A BIG thank you to two of my favorite people my aunt and uncle for hosting the party! I had so much fun as I think everyone there did.
The following pics are of the beautiful bouquet of roses my aunt and uncle gave to my Mom "60" of them....they are just gorgeous. and her bags of treats that I gave her and one of my bigger bears. She really wanted her and I know she's going to a good home...LOL....
Today I just laid around recouping from the night before...heehee...but I did manage to finish my elephant. I will try to take a couple of pics tomorrow. I also hope to finish my pig as well....I sure hope he turns out. I think the pattern has turned out so I have my fingys crossed!
Kristina :O)

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1 comment:

Melanie Clark said...

Awe, that is awesome! I hope your Mom had a good b-day! Happy Birthday!!!