Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To Reality

Well today is my last day of holidays.....blah! Oh's been fun!!! I had a great Christmas and Santa was good to me!
I have a few photos to share with you. I've created another's a GIRL!!!! I just love making these little critters. They are sooo much fun!!!
I also took a couple of pics of the moose my Aunt made for me!! He is the sweetest thing!! And he's MINE ALL MINE!!!
This is "Darla"

And here's MY Moose!

I have a few more pics to take and show but now I need to go and relax and enjoy my day!
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Melanie Clark said...

Wow, I think your Aunt should be selling animals! Very cool!
Love the money, she is even cuter with her body.. heehee.
Have a great last holi-day ;)

KRISTINA said...

LOL..she is even sweeter with a body....heehee...I had fun!

That's what I told my Aunt. But she doesn't make very many and prefers to give them as prezzies. Which is okay with me!! Cause I need more!!!! HAHAHA!!!