Monday, January 19, 2009

A Quite Monday Night

Don't you hate it when you sit down and get all prepared to do some sewing and you are out of a KEY ingredient!! Bugger!!!!!! I wanted to finish the face on my monkey and I am all out of dental floss (used for attaching the eyes not for flossing...heehee) I could have sworn a had a new one stashed away somewhere...hmmm...I bet I used that one already..LOL.....I'm going to have to go routing around in my never ending supplies.

Well, instead I finished sewing all his parts together and finished sewing the head of a bigger bear. A new design I'm working on..trying to create a longer snout.

Today I also received some beautiful mohair that I ordered from Intercal. I've never bought from them before but I am "For Sure" buying from them again! The fabric is so fantastic and the customer service was great!! I would recommend to anyone who's looking for great mohair and service!!!

Well I think I will put away the sewing and have a nice cup of tea, admire my new fabrics and start dreaming of the critters I will create!!

Have a great night!

Kristina :O)
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Melanie Clark said...

Oooooh, what did you get from intercal? heehee, I have mohair envy! lol. I called you today, but I'm not feeling the love ;)

Vicki said...

I just dropped by to pass along a blog award. You can see the details on my blog

Vicki xx