Sunday, February 22, 2009

Etsy Sale and Ramblings

I've decided to have a sale in my Etsy shop. If anyone is interested my two monkeys Darwin and Darla and also my Buddy bear are on sale. The sale will end on Feb 28-2009.

I finished another cat last weekend but haven't had the chance to take pics yet. I wanted to make a couple of different critters this past week but every time I went for the fabric I never had mohair stash is not that big as I have always just got a few pieces here and there and they were always 1/4 yards. Well since I now make bigger bears I now need bigger pieces. So yesterday I went shopping(terrible isn't it?? Oh how I hate to shop for mohair!!!) :O) I am also working on a mini purple and pink bunny and I think she or he will be sweet....however I didn't have the right size of clear glass eyes BUGGER!!!! Well guess what I had to do?! That's right I went shopping again!!! LOL!!! Well hopefully I will be stocked up for a little while...heehee...

So a few of my creations have been put on the shelf until my orders come in, so I think I may go and make an elephant......hopefully I have what I need....HIDE the credit card!!!!!!!

Happy Sunday!!
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1 comment:

Melanie Clark said...

Send some for me too.. heehee.