Friday, April 10, 2009

Treasures Found

Well today was a great day! Mom and I went to the Wild Rose Antique Show. Once again we had so much fun and brought home a few goodies. I brought home a doll, a bear, a doll trunk,(actually my Mom bought me the doll trunk as an Easter present, "THANKS MOM") and a sweet box/basket thingy...heehee...I can't think of the proper name for it, which is very pretty and I have visions of a little bear sitting in there filled with her treasures.
Mom adopted two dolls and added a few miniatures to her collection. We met my friend Melanie and her Mom there and had a very brief chat........WE have got to get together!!!!!!!
My poor feet are just aching....but it was worth always is!! I took a quick pic of my goodies for you to see!

I LOVE days filled with shopping!!!!!

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Melanie Clark said...

Is that your bear? I think I can ID him for you. Is his nose stiching original?

KRISTINA said...

Actually it looks like a piece of felt that's been stitched on. His eyes are buttons and his paw pads are strange looking like they were painted but it's noe paint. Looks like painted on leather or something like that...LOL...I just feel in Love with him!! He was waiting for me ALL this time!!

Melanie Clark said...

His paw pads are made of a material called Rexine, It's a type of painted cloth. If you take a pic so I can see his arms that might help me ID him... if you want to know. But I am postive he is english. Does it look like he had any claws stitched at any time?