Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Very Busy Puppy

So this is what my puppy girl did! Her stuffed ball finally got gutted!!!! LOL..I got home and it looked like it snowed!!! And she was SO proud of what she did. Oh Boy!! That ball had the best stuffing EVER!!!

That's my Julie girl!!! (aka Fungus)
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FenBeary Folk said...

Oh this did make me laugh. When our GSD was little we bought her one of the expensive INDISTRUCTABLE balls that amke a wobble sound, it took her about 3 weeks to part the wobble from the ball hehehe!!
Sue xx

KRISTINA said...

I know!! It's the sweetest thing! We give her stuffed toys at Christmas and she just goes crazy. She's had this ball for awhile but I guess she finally thought that it had to go! And what's also funny is as soon as I start to pick the fluff up...she starts gutting what's left over....LOL..I'm picking up and she's pulling it out.. That's my girl!!