Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Blue Week

Since this a blog about me and my life....I've decided to share that my fiance and I have split up. It has been a very difficult week and I'm managing through the best I can. I honestly thought we could work through our stuff together but I guess there are limits to what people can handle. It would be so much easier if I hated him but I don't...I love him deeply...but sometimes that's just not enough. I know time heals and I know I will be fine but it really sucks. I find myself wondering if he misses me as much as I miss him..or does he think of me, like I think about him???? It's so hard to say....we women react and handle things differently then men do. I am on an emotional roller coaster ride and I would really like to get off...heehee...

I know I promised some pics of me new creations and I will hopefully get some posted tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me cry out loud a little!

Happy weekend!

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sme said...

Sorry to hear this Kristina, I hope your heartache eases before too long.


KRISTINA said...

Thank you Shirl. I hope so too.