Monday, August 17, 2009

My To DO List

It is always growing...LOL... I can't seem to accomplish anything..heehee.... Okay that's not entirely true. This weekend I finished another mini mohair bear and a bunch of polymer clay creations. Some teapots, canisters... I love working with this stuff. I'm learning new things all the time. I now can create hollow teapots much easier than before. I also made some fortune cookies just because I HAD to try it!!!! It's sooo much fun. Today I played around trying to make a cane. An orange cane so when I slice tiny slices it looks like real orange slices. It's very time consuming but very cool. Once I get the hang of it it probably won't be as tedious.

I've finished sewing all my pieces together for a bigger bear. I will try to get her done this week. I want to take some pics of my new stuff but I have run out of's time to go and relax on the couch! Maybe I will have a snooze before I go to bed! Yeah Right!!!Like that would ever happen!!! :O)

Hopefully I will get those pics up this week as well.
Just add it to the To-Do List!!!

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