Monday, August 3, 2009

WOW!! I'm on A Roll!!

I've finished 3 bears this weekend......well a bear, elephant and a bunny. I designed a new bunny and I was having so many issues that I put her away until I was ready to continue. Well today I finished her and I'm very happy that I did! She is very cute!!
I will take pictures this week, right now I am to tired for all that....been sewing pretty much all day. I did stop tp take my puppy girl for a stroll....I needed the fresh air!!

Kristina :O)
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1 comment:

Tine said...

Hi Kristina,
I love to have a peek on your cute little bears and your Blog.
Thats why I like to give an AWARD to you and your will find the picture of it on my Blog.
Hugs Tine