Friday, September 4, 2009

My POOR Baby Girl!!!

The Cone Of Shame!!
My Julie girl had to have surgery on Thursday on her poor little bottom. Apparently dogs have anal glands and hers were not draining properly. So they were getting infected and painful.....poor baby!!!! We first tried antibiotics but that didn't she had her little bottom poked and pinched and now she has to wear this wonderful contraption!!! For about 5 days!!!! She is actually doing very well! She's not running into things as much as she was when we first brought her home....then again we have rearranged our living room and the kitchen area so she can move more easily.
She is not enjoying this at all and I am quite sure the cat is laughing his A** off!!!! I hope this does the trick and she won't have to go through this again!!! Please keep your fingers crossed for my sweet girl!!
In other news I am almost done my latest bear. She is turning out fantastic. I placed an order the other day for nose wax. It's something that I have been wanting to try. Hopefully it will arrive soon. I would like to wax this bear's nose.
Tomorrow I will hopefully get her finished and then I have to start pricing and packaging up my minis for the show on the 20th. Wow I can't believe it's almost here!! Mom has made some awesome new minis. I will try to post some pics!
Happy Weekend!!!
P.S. My eyes are in perfect health BTW. My eye exam went great. I did get a pair of very mild lens just to make somethings a little more clearer. I will wear them when I'm sewing, reading, etc. So I guess working with all these minis hasn't made me blind...........yet!
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1 comment:

Melanie Clark said...

cool, can I wear them when I'm driving? lolololol.
Hope Juile poo is feeling better. Give her a Hug for me!