Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pictures to Share

Okay I have a few photos...First here are a few of my puppy girl...
I am happy to say that she had her tube removed today and everything looks good! So she is no longer wearing her cone of shame!!! And BELIEVE ME she is soooooooo happy about it!!!

I also have a couple of pics of my bigger bear that I had finished last week....I finally picked out her dress. The other is a naked shot....heehee.... I was playing around with my camera. The naked pic shows the color of the mohair nicely....well it does on my puter!! Hope it does on yours as well!

Just a couple more weeks until the mini show!!! I've priced and packed most of my treasures and I'm excited to go!!
Happy Wednesday!
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Melanie Clark said...

She looks sweet. Did your Mom make her sweater?
I am so not ready yet. I am going to try to price stuff this week... but you know me.. the Master Procrastinator.. lolol. I will be up till 2am the night before the show.... panicing.. lolololol.

KRISTINA said...

Thanks! Nope...Mom's to busy making minis....heehee..I found this one in my wanderings! Always searching for treasures!

Would you like me to phone the week before to remind you the show is on the weekend!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

Bramblewood Bears said...

Your bear is so super cute with so much personality! I am so glad your puppy is feeling better too!
Bear Hugs,
Bramblewood Bears

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Tomi!!
My little "Fungus" is doing very well. She's been sprung from her cone and jumping all a round and behaving like her wonderful self...LOL....