Sunday, October 18, 2009

My far

Okay I was hoping to post some pics of my new critters...but I haven't finished yet!! :OP
I am almost finished...I need to do the final touches on my elephant and a couple of pull toys I made.

I've had a great weekend so far....Friday night my honey and I went to an Oilers hockey game. It was a great game (they kicked some butt) we had great seats and my right ear was deaf from the was loads of fun and I don't even like hockey...HAHAHA!!!

Saturday night went out for dinner with some friends. That's was fun, it only took us a year to try to get us all together......well worth it and look forward to another get together.

Today we are going to just relax and I'm going to go shop for a new winter jacket and then we are going to go for some pizza tonight. I'm having a craving!!!!

Happy Sunday!!!
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