Monday, November 9, 2009

Some pics to share

Today is my Mom's birthday!! Happy Birthday MOM!!!!

I gave my mom a new dollhouse kit for her birthday. She wants to make a Christmas house. She has been gathering and collecting Christmas do-dads for some time now. So now it is time to place those little treasures in a house. It's a big house and it will take some time but she is so happy and excited!!! I don't think I'm going to see much of her....LOL....that's okay! I know where she is!!!
In anticipation she has been working on creating the Christmas kitchen...when inspiration hits you just have to go with it!! So for the moment she has placed the kitchen in a bread box. It is very darling! I'm sure it will have tons of more Christmas do-dads once it's in the house.

So I thought I'd share some pics with you! I gave her my first gingerbread house and it looks very sweet(I must say)on top of the fridge.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Mini Hugs,
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mini Madness

I have been playing around with my polymer clays again...this time it's a gingerbread house for the dollhouse!!!!! Well, Christmas is coming you know.... :O)

Can this stuff possibly get any smaller?????? It's madness I say!!!!
So I finally did it! With a combination of tiny candies I made (that takes forever)and some beads.......

I can't wait to make more!!! LET the MADNESS CONTINUE!!!!

Happy Weekend!
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bear and Critter Sale

My bears and critters are now on sale in my Etsy store. The sale will last till Nov 18 2009. In case anyone is interested.....and would like to adopted a special friend....cause you know Christmas is on it's way!!!!!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Show and Tell

I just wanted to share a picture that a wonderful lady by the name of Joyce sent me. Joyce purchased a couple of my teapots and placed them in her little tea room. She so sweetly sent me a picture of it and now I need to show it off!! LOL

Can you tell which ones they are????

They are the pink and green ones!!!

It's such an awesome feeling to see my creations being used in some ones miniature house/room box! It's the first time I have been able to experience that! How COOL!!!!
Thank you sooo much Joyce!!! I am so grateful to have met you(through the puter..heehee)you truly are a kindred spirit!!

P.S. Christmas teapots ARE in the making!!!!!

Kristina :O)
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