Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Good To Be Home!!!

I'm back!!!!! I'm so happy I am home I was missing everyone and all my furry four legged pets!!!

We had a blast!! The resort was huge and at first a wee bit over whelming but we finally settled in and got our bearings and everything was fantastic. We had awesome weather minus one day where it rained allllllll dayyyy but we and another couple decided that it wouldn't keep us away so we sat under the roof at the pool bar and had a lot of fun! It was sunny in our minds!!!!

We went on a couple of tours. A shopping tour(of course) in the evening at a place called 5th Avenue it was very cool. Picked up some goodies and got some great pics. Then went to Xel Ha where you got to go tubing down a river and then do some snorkling in the crystal clear was so nice. I don't snorkel so my baby did that while I basked in the sun and he was my motor and pushed me on the tube...great deal I thought...heehee...The food was great...small portions but you learn to order a few more appies or order room service  before you go to dinner..HAHA!!! Which was also included in the resort. No reservations were needed in any of the restaurants and the longest we ever had to wait was maybe 30 minutes......the hotel rooms were very nice and always very clean and the staff at the resort were great!!

I have some pics to share.....there's a few of my favorites but I have so many it was hard to choose...or they had me in my bathing suit and that I won't share!!!! HAHA wouldn't want to scare you away from my blog....heeeheee...



Well that's it for now......
It's great to be home!!!
Kristina :O)
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1 comment:

Melanie Clark said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip! Look at you with the little monkeys! heehee. So cute. Man,. you look so burned! ouchie.
That pool is amazing. Very awesome!

Talk to you soon!