Friday, November 13, 2009

Santa Has Come Early

I got a Christmas prezzie early!!!

My baby got me an electric fireplace!! I have been wanting one for a few years now. My computer/craft room can get really cold. Plus I think it would just add a certain something....LOL...

So we were out and about and surprise!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Yesterday I spent the evening putting it together...which I managed to do with very few swear words...:O)...and boy does it ever give off a lot of heat. It is going to work great!!
So now I am rearranging my entire room. It is going to get a complete make over. I have so much stuff in this room it's going to be difficult figuring out what goes where...heehee...but I have visions in my head (nope not sugar plums) so with some elbow grease and time, I think it will transform into a very special room.

Thanks Santa Baby!!!!
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Cheryl said...

Enjoy the warmth!
Bingle Bears

Melanie Clark said...

Awe, that is nice. I know you have been wanting one for a long time.