Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Morning!!

I had a wonderful Christmas eve with my family and boyfriend. We ate and drank, and gave prezzies and laughed. We always laugh so's great!!!

Tonight I will spend with my Mom and my four legged critters. Have a nice crab and lobster dinner and then relax and exchange our gifts to each other. WooHoo! And by the looks of it...I've been extra good this year!!!

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Tattered Rose said...

Merry Christmas You Two, Four?!
By the way, might want to check the spelling on the "crap and lobster" dinner....? Just a made m laugh though!
Take care,

KRISTINA said...

That IS FUNNY!!! OMG! See what happens with no sleep and way too early in the morning!
Thanks And Merry Christmas to you!!!!

angeles said...

hace mucho tiempo que no he visto un trabajo tan bien hecho como el tuyo..por eso te felicito de corazon¡¡¡¡ y felices fiestas¡¡