Thursday, December 24, 2009


Well it's here!!! WOW the time went way too fast...heehee but I am ready!!!
Tonight the family will come over and we will eat, drink and be merry!! Exchange some prezzies and have lots of fun(like we always do!)

On a different note, we found out that my kitty has diabetes. Which we kind of knew was going to happen cause he's such a fat cat but we were hopefull that he wouldn't BUT now we have to give him insulin shots twice a day. I am so scared of hurting him or doing something wrong. Last night was our first night giving him a shot( we had a lesson from the vet of course) needless to say I did NOT sleep well at all. I'm watching him like a hawk anytime he moves. The needle part isn't so bad, it's everything else. Make sure he eats, 12 hours in between, not to much, not little, COMA from shock...AGGGGGHHHHHH.

I know there are a lot of cats and their owners going through this and I know we will get used to it tummy hurts! But I will do what it takes to keep my baby healthy cause I need him with me for as long as he can. Good thing about this is his qualtiy of life is going to improve(he's been very tired) plus it's not a disease we can't control. It could be sooo much worse than this so I am greatful for that!

Okay enough of that!!!!

BIG HUGS from Julie(FUNGUS),James(FATCAT),Mom and ME!!!!!!
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