Monday, March 30, 2009

What's wrong with this picture???

I LOVE pets!!!!! :O)

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Baaack!!!

AND very HAPPY to be home!!!!

I had a fantastic time! The Barcelo resort is beautiful, friendly staff, very clean and a real pleasure to stay. I would highly recommend their resorts to anyone.The weather was absolutely amazing +32 -+34 everyday!!! God bless the pool!!! LOL!!!
I have a few pics to share with you. I will get some more photos later from my aunt...she takes incredible she is going to share with me....yeah!!! Then I will share some more with you.

This is the view from our hotel room. It was so nice to lay in bed and fall asleep listening to the ocean and wake up in the morning and see the waves. Now that's something I can get really used to!

Here is one of the bars near the pool called "COCO LOCO" and YES I was seen there a few times....heehee...however I did prefer the swim up bar. :O)

We went on a Paradise Bay cruise. We got to see 5 different bays and do some snorkeling....I am not so good at the snorkeling it turns out....heehee.....must practise before I go next time. Anyway we stopped at one of the bays for lunch and we got to swim and enjoy the ocean for a couple of hours. This is the picture where I went swimming. When I was done taking my pictures I went and swam some more, as I was coming out to dry off I had the wonderful experience of stepping on a STING RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh My Lord I have never felt that kind of pain

That little puncture wound near my big toe is where the little bugger got me!! I know it doesn't look like much but WOW!!! The venom radiates into you and then pulses. So it was extreme pain up into my toes and then it would ease and then another pulse of pain and so on. That lasted for about 3 1/2 hours. I was going to go see the hotel doctor but by the time we got there the pain had almost stopped. After about 4 hours the pain was completely gone! I mean even the puncture wound didn't hurt anymore. The weirdest thing ever!!! My mom and I joked around about how the sting ray must have felt...heehee...there he is minding his own business sleeping in the sand and all of a sudden something big crashes on top of him!!!! Surprise!!! HAHAHA!! Poor little guy! We figure it was a small one because my foot didn't swell to much. I CAN'T even imagine what a big sting would feel like and I don't EVER want to find out!!! So a tip for anyone..when walking in the sand shuffle your feet so if there is something there you will kick it and scare it away or better yet WEAR SHOES or FLIPPERS!

Here's the view from the hotel lobby. It was breath taking and the wonderfully refreshing breeze that came through felt sooooo good!!!

Anyway I'm am sooo glad to be back but we are already planning another trip for next year in February! I will have more pics to share as soon as I copy them from my Aunt! I can't wait to see all of her pics!!
My birthday was March 21, it was nice to be back for that. I didn't do to much just relaxed tried to catch up on some much needed sleep. Then Mom made me dinner and a black forest cake. I got some prezzies and then we just chit chatted about my trip and looking forward to going again.

Now I am off to do some laundry...woohoo!!!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

On MY Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT'S HERE!!!!!!


Have a great week everyone!!!!
Big Hugs

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Monday, March 9, 2009

4 More Days

Well actually it's a little less cause Monday is almost done!!!

Today I was out and about getting the last of my must haves and we came across a great sale on luggage! A 4 pieces set for $40.00!!!!! PERFECT!!! Both my baby and I bought one. I needed to get my own anyway cause I have been using my Aunt's this worked out great! Now I need to find some cool things to decorate it so I can find it amongst all the other suitcases!!

So I've laid out all my stuff that needs to be packed...WOW how much does one need for 7 days.....LOL....luckily it's all lightweight materials.

I haven't been sewing too much.....guess I'm a wee bit preoccupied with the whole going to Mexico thing. I did however cut out another monkey and continued sewing my bunny...which I still haven't finished.....poor bunny! And at this rate he won't be finished until after my vacation. I thought about bringing some sewing with me but when I have a beautiful ocean, sandy beach, glorious sunrise and sunset I'm not sure how much sewing will actually get done. When I went to Mexico 5 years ago I brought sewing with me.........never even looked at it. Not Once!! Never came out of the suitcase. I still might bring something maybe the monkey I just cut out. It doesn't take up that much room. Boy, it sure would be nice if I could actually sew on the plane!!! Maybe I can find a tiny sombrero for my monkey!!! HAHAHA!!!!

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Monday, March 2, 2009

11 More Days

I can't believe my trip is almost here!!! I think I have everything I was supposed to get for the trip. I think I'm actually ready!!! WOW!!! I do have to make a trip to the bank and that's it....I'm ready to go!! Just have to pack the suitcase......:O)

AHHHHHH 11 more days............and ONLY 8 more work days...heehee....

HEY!!! You see that person sitting on the beach?????? That's gonna be ME!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

In my sewing world I've started a bigger panda, I'm so far loving him. I hope to get him done sometime this week....hmmm maybe I should get off the computer for that to'm still anxiously waiting for my fabrics to arrive. There's nothing like running your fingers through beautiful mohair....well...for us bear makers it's a real thrill...heehee..(or is that just me) :O)

Well I guess I'm off to do some errands and start sewing.

Happy Monday to You!
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