Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's My First

Yup! I finally did it!

I waxed my first bear nose! LOL

I was so nervous....I mean I did all this work to create a bear and now I'm going to play with hot wax!!! And it's not like once you start you can change your must continue!!
So I did and I Love it!!!! And I think once I have more practice (and a little more faith in myself) I am going to do it all the time!

I hope you all agree!
Please meet Cutie Pie!!!!

She got named that cause that is what everyone said when they saw her...LOL...I want to add a bow or a flower around her neck but I haven't gotten that far yet.


Kristina :O)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick Pictures

I finished my elly and pull toys. I took some really quick(not the greatest lighting)pics.


Kristina :)

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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Quick update.....

I placed some of my bears in my store today. Woohoo!!! I was able to manage that....while my man snoozed on the couch....I was able to play a little.

Now back to creating......pull toys and elephant on there way!!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009


I finally did it! As you all can see...I've changed the look of my blog! I have been wanting to do that for a little while but was always afraid I'd do something wrong and loose everything(cause that's just the way it is) However.......TADA.....everything is A Okay!!! <:O)
I love how bright and cheery it looks! I hope you agree!
I've been busy today. I added a few mini bears to my Etsy store for those who maybe interested. I also took some more pictures of some of my polymer clay teapots. I hope to get them on soon.
Today I also finished sewing all my pieces together for my new critter....Can you guess what it is?????? I'm very excited to complete him or her!
I also want to share a picture of another polymer clay creation...I've been playing around with.
Miniature Pull Toys!!!

I will also be adding a few bigger bears to my Etsy store. I hope to get to it sometime tomorrow but I think I will be busy in the kitchen preparing our Thanksgiving feast!!!!!
Happy Weekend!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Over....Time to Start Again!

Well....another show has come and gone! I had a fantastic time!!!! I absolutely LOVE doing this show. I love the atmoshere everyone has and everyone there is passionate about something whether it's bears, dolls, barbies,'s great to be around!

I got to see some of my collectors....which is always a complete honor when they keep coming back and adopting my bears! It still amazes me and thrills me. Thank you!! To all of you who adopted a critter to add to your home!!!!!

Mom did very well to. She brought a small tray of her minis and they were going like hot cakes!! It was great. I even sold a few of my mini teapots!! Which I wasn't even going to bring! Just goes to show you, you never know what collectors are searching for.

Of course Mom and I did some serious shopping. I love the little dresses and stuff that I can get for my bears. Plus both Mom and I bought one another a doll for Christmas.....LOL....They are so very sweet. I got to admire mine one more time before Mom tucked her away..not to be seen till Christmas. I can't wait!!!! I also got some beautiful mohair and some ultra suede. Can't leave there without stocking up on bear goodies!!

I had loads of fun with the other bear artists there. I brought a big bin full of mini bear fabrics for them to rummage through and take some home. I have soooo much that I thought it was the perfect time to give some away!!!! I know we all have enough..........BUT we could all use some MORE!!! Am I right???!!!

Plus I got the sweetest little bear given to me by Edie,from Edie's Bears. She was so grateful for the fabric and she knew I was in love with the little one that she gave me her as a thank you!!!! Thank you Edie!!!! That was very kind and sweet and I adore her!!!! She sits on my special shelf with all my other artists bears!!!

I left the show excited, happy, exhausted, drained....and inspired!!!! To create more bears! I actually woke up at 6:00 am this morning...thinking about my next designs...three of them....I tried to fall back to sleep but NO. So I traced and cut out and started sewing my newest elephant.

I will be adding some of my bears to my Etsy store some time this week. So stay tuned.

I guess I will go and relax some more, I have a nice warm fire going and now I think it's time for some hot chocolate.


Kristina :O)
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beautiful Fall

This tree is the first in my area to loose it's leaves. It's a very pretty tree and I love the season fall but it is also a little depressing....summer is over!
But then I think..................Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!
The snow and the lights and the music and commercials,YES I even love the Christmas commericals...LOL.....
I love walking my dog in the evening and looking at the lights on the house and getting a peek of the Christmas trees in the windows.....absolutely gorgeous! Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling!!
Well I'm 3 more sleeps away from my show. Saturday I will be busy doing all my last minute stuff. Lots of FUN!!
Anyway I'm off to work...
Happy Thursday!
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