Saturday, January 16, 2010

So Much To Do

LOL...I LOVE this photo....and by the looks of my packing list, I really should rethink a few things..heehee!
Other than our last minute stuff we need to do, everything is set and ready to go. Hotel confirmation..We are going to Montego Bay!!! Airport transfer is set! Now I can breath and just let it happen!

Things have been very stressful at work so I am really looking forward to getting away. Of course I will miss my mom and the critters...

Update on my fatcat.....I'm happy to say we have seen a big change in him. He seems to be feeling sooo much better and he's more active and his curiosity is back. Cause what's a cat without of goes hand in hand. We have a vet appointment this morning to check his levels again. I really hope we are getting close. Last time his sugar was way to low..poor hopefully we got it now. He's eating much better now, getting used to having to eat at certain times and now he eats the required about of food so we can give him his full insulin shots. He's even eating a little more. Which makes us very happy!

I haven't been able to do much sewing.I'm either to drained from work or I haven't been home. I'm going through withdrawls...maybe I can do a little this weekend.....

Kristina :O)
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