Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweet New Bears

I am on a role.....well not really....these two critters have been waiting for me to finish them. I started them just after late than never!!
The first is a new bigger bear design. I was going for the antique look, with the large hump and long snout and skinny body and tapered arms. I even tried out a vinatge nose! I am very pleased with the design. The only thing I am going to change is the hump, it's just a little to big for my a little carried away I guess. Misjudged size of hump and the darts I think...just need to shave it down and should be perfect. I got the fabric from Mom at Christmas. It's just short pile fabric used generally for my minis but I have been wanting to try it on a bigger bear. I also I thought if my pattern doesn't work I haven't wasted some expensive mohair. I will make this design again just need to pick out some mohair.
The little outfit was given to me by Mom(of course) the sweater I got last Christmas and the hat this Christmas. I have been wanting to use this sweater ever since I got it but it never seemed to work for any of the bears I had made and there was reason for that. IT was MADE for Kristel!!! It was meant to be!!! She looks very beautiful if I do say so myself! *honk*honk* *toot*toot*  (:O)

Next is my little guy with a big head...LOL...I had lots of fun with him!!!!
Gave him a vintage nose too..I kind of like doing don't need to be to careful! Alfie has steel shot inside so he feels so good in your hand! He just nuzzles right in there. Mom says she has already bonded with him!!!

Hope you enjoy the bears...would love to hear what you think!!!
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