Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's NO place like Home!!

I am so happy to be back!! I hope everyone has been well and had a great week!!
We had a great time in Jamaica Mon!!! I have a few pics to share. We had great weather and an awesome view from our balcony. We didn't do a whole lot but relax by the pool. We went on one excursion. We went to Dunn River Falls and a dolphin swim. The river falls was beautiful and a wee bit scary at first cause you are climbing up through the falls and sometimes the current was pretty strong. Thank god for sticky water shoes. Unfortunately you can't take pics unless you had a water proof camera or buy a dvd that they sell which I wasn't going to do. It was lots of fun though and I didn't fall and hurt myself....LOL.....The dolphin swim was amazing I absolutly LOVE these sweethearts!! I bought the dvd for that one and got some pics!

My stomach didn't agree with the food most of the time and I'm still battling an upset tummy. Pepto can be a girl's best friend...heehee...

Overall we had lots of fun but I don't think I would go back to Jamaica. It wasn't safe to leave the resort and I really didn't like the way the staff flat out asked for money. There sometimes seemed to be the "we don't want you here" attitude and I think for the amount of money a person spends you expect a certain standard. The room was clean and the bed was comfy but there are no extra creature comforts and no mini bar with bottled water...which might have something to do with my stomach as well.....
We still had loads of fun, made some new friends and I'm happy that we tried it out!!

View from our balcony

Love This Sign!!
Well that's all for now! Hope you enjoy the pictures! TTYL

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