Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cool Find.....I LOVE IT

The other day I was driving around and  I check out this store cause they might have some neat things to use for minis. Most of the stuff was to big but it did have some neat things that I could use and then as I'm making my way out.....there they are sitting in a plastic container waiting for me....bunches of bundles of veneer wood cards!!! Now some of you might not think this is so exciting but for us miniaturists this stuff is fantastic!!! It's so thin! Can cut it with scissors and it will make everything from hard wood floors to shingles....and little do-dads which Mom has already tried out!! I will share her sweet little xylophone and baskets. Of course I bought a nice bag full and double checked with the lady at the till if they restock regularly or if that was it. They restock!!! So I didn't have to buy it all ....LOL  cause I would have!!!

The creative ideas are spinning crazy over here!!!!
Happy Weekend!
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