Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost Friday!!

And I am soooooo thankful!!!! LOL This weekend should be fun. I hope to go see "Alice In Wonderland" this Saturday evening. I have been wanting to see it since I first found out they were making this movie...heehee...we hope to go see it in 3D. Hopefully it won't be sold out.

So I worked on a new design and now I just finished tracing it out on my pretty mohair and if I have energy(which I doubt)will cut out the pieces tonight. ..but I am very tired and I would hate to cut somewhere I shouldn't, cause I only have this piece of mohair no extras if I make a I wait for tomorrow.

Just a few more days for me to pick a lucky winner of some lovely vintage long pile......I LOVE doing these give aways!!!!

Kristina :O
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The Littlest Thistle said...

Ooh, good luck with the new mohair and pattern. I had the horror of realising I needed a new head last night, I'm so glad i have a bit extra of the mohair I was using!

KRISTINA said...

heehee...I know! I just had enough mohair for this pattern. I'm making the inner ears with a different fabric...good thing cause that wouldn't have

Melanie Clark said...

How was Alice?
I've not been able to go see it yet.