Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy, Not So Happy

I'm finished my Giraffe
Please say hello to


Not SO Happy....
I had to take my puppy girl to the vet this morning cause of those darn anal gland things again. She was doing sooo good nothing since her surgery last November. My poor baby was in pain last night cause it burst... I hate it when I can't help!! I find it very upsetting!!! But she is better this morning, started her antibiotics and all that good stuff.
My poor baby!! Lots of hugs and kisses and some extra treats..LOL..

Happy Monday!!

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The Littlest Thistle said...

Love Bethany, hope your wee puppy feels better soon, hugs to you both

BEARS...just b-claws, by joyce said...

Please give Julie a big hug from all of us. We love them so much and it's awful when they are not feeling well.

Love Bethany - very sweet face.


KRISTINA said...

Thanks and Puppy is doing better! Just something I really have to watch out for.

uebibaer said...

Bethany could by a tween of the girafe from my friend Biene/feenwaldbaern, it is a nice girafe.

greetnes Anita