Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lovely Treasures

This morning Mom and I went to a community garage sale at a seniors centre. They do this sale twice a year and we love to go to it! We always have a lot of fun and never come home empty handed. In fact it's one of my favorite places to buy jewelry for my big bears. They always have a great variety and generally at very nice prices. So I lucked out and got a nice handful of pretties for my bears....
This is my favorite piece!!
 I think it's going to look fabulous on a bear!!
I wonder if I will be able to part with it???!
I also got this sweet clock that will be great as a display for pictures or for the table at my shows!
Then I found these scrunchie like things I think you can wear them in your hair(hmmmm???) or as a braclet(that's where they were located) that I thought would make a pretty collar for a bear or when bunched up a nice bouquet to add to a hat or a sweater. I could probably take it apart and have individual flowers!!!
Inspiration is just a flowing!!!

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BEARS...just b-claws, by joyce said...


You have been busy. I love the broach and yes it would look beautiful on a bear. The clock is lovely.


The Littlest Thistle said...

You're going to have some very well accessorised bears I think!

KRISTINA said...

heehee...yup the bears love to wear something pretty!!!

It gives them that little extra something!