Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Sweet Summer

I love the feeling of summer coming. The new buds growing on the trees, the flowers blooming and the sweet sound of baby birds in their nest....or I should say house...heehee...
Our little house we have in the backyard has a new family! Every time Mom or Dad come flying in you can hear the little cuties just chirpping away and then when they leave it's complete silence. Nature really is amazing and very beautiful not only to see but to hear as well. One of life's little"stop and enjoy" moments!

I've been a little quiet the past few days..just trying to keep myself calm and stress free.
I've been doing some mini sewing and working on a giraffe design. I've been wanting to make a giraffe but for some reason just hasn't worked out for me. So I took a new approach and started designing one step at a time. Right now I am almost finished it's head and I am very happy to say it looks like a giraffe!!! Not some kind of weird creature...heehee...I've had a few of those from time to
Hopefully I will finish him this weekend cause I am very excited about him or her. I know how I want the limbs and body to look so that shouldn't be a problem. Plus I have a few boxes to finsh and place on Etsy. Boy that's a full weekend already!!
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1 comment:

BEARS...just b-claws, by joyce said...

Good Morning Kristina,

The bird house is adorable and thank you for sharing about the precious little family currently living there.

Joyce, Prudence & Sister