Monday, June 28, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Weekends just don't get any better then this!!!
I had a fabulous weekend spent with friends and antique shopping!!
Saturday Went shopping with a friend down on Whyte's the local hip strip for a lack of a better term. Filled with shops and restaurants and neat things and people to see. The weather was fantastic not to hot just right for walking around. I managed to find some Chistmas goodies for Mom which I have stashed away. I also found some goodies for myself....well for bears!!! Surprised?????
Saturday night was spent with my honeybun!! Had a great dinner out with great food and awesome service. If you live in Edmonton you really must go to "Homefire Grill" They have great food, fantastic service!!! Plus the atmosphere in there is very warm and inviting!!
Which brings us to Monday..where instead of sewing, here I sit showing off my treasures!!!
I apologize for the not so great pics. The lighting wasn't that good and I am to lazy to bring out the lamps!!
So anyway here are a few pics
I'm not sure why I had to have this!! It just appealed to me!
This hat is going to get some pretty embellishments! It will look very sweet on a bear.
Also some nice trim for little dresses!
Mom actually found this sweet little silk pants and shirt outfit. I have plans for those pants already brewing in my mind!!! LOL

Now I am off to work on my rabbit!!!
Happy Monday!
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BEARS...just b-claws, by joyce said...

Hi Kristina,

I LOVE HH, that sewing machine is wonderful. Maybe pose a little bear sewing....

All your treasures are lovely. Hugs,


Hi Kristina,
Sounds like you had a great weekend! I agree with Joyce, that little sewing machine is a real treasure!! I collect all things Holly Hobby so let me tell you, that is a great find!
Enjoy, and thanks so much for sharing!!

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Joyce!! I thought it would look sweet displayed with some of my bears.

KRISTINA said...

Hi Jeannette!!!
I too love Holly Hobby! I saw this sewing machine a few times and I kept admiring know it still works! The little light comes on and it makes a noise when the foot pedal is pushed!!! Which I didn't know until I got it home! LOL. I did have a Holly Hobby Easy Bake oven once but it was stored in someone's basement and we are no longer in contact. I know they moved so either they kept it or threw it away without letting us that always makes me sad to think about But it's just one of those things!