Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Saturday

First off I'd like to give a BIG....

To my newest follower!!

Today is going to be spent doing this and that!!!
You know those little catch up things you have to do but really prefer doing something else!
Must take my puppy girl to the vet today. Get her backside cleaned and checked and she must get a manicure/pedicure as well!! Wow she has some long nails!!
I've finished up some mini boxes and a mini I will try to get some photos done to show. Would like to finish a new design I've been working on...see how far I will get today!

This is a picture of the little shelf displays Mom and I will use at our shows. Mom spray painted them antique ivory and they look soooo much better.
I can already feel the excitement for the shows!! I've mailed my registration forms and we are good to go!!!
I would also like to begin making my hang tags for my bears!!
So much to do!!!
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1 comment:

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Sweet Friend,

I love those darling display pieces. I sure hope you will share pictures of your show table. (o:

Hugs to Julie - she needs a little extra treat when you get home. And of course hugs for FatCat James.