Monday, July 19, 2010

Take the Good with the Bad

Just Three more sleeps till our trip to Victoria....WooHoo
That's the good  news
Have to work today...BLAH
That's the bad news...
I don't usually work Mondays so I am going to be messed up all day long!!!

Yesterday I managed to get the shading and jointing on my new bear pattern(actually it's a dog)done!
So hopefully I can finish him before I leave but I think that maybe rushing it!
I guess I better get ready for work
I leave you with a picture of my hang tags that I finally got around to doing.
Now I just need to place them on my bears!

Happy Monday!

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The Bear's Blog said...

Happy Monday, Miss Kristina

Mom is letting us write by ourselves now that we are being good little bears.

We love your tags, they are so "you". Just think, Thursday is not that far off - and then it's VACATION. Giggle.

We love you,
Prudence, Sissy & Mom

The Littlest Thistle said...

Pretty tags, have a great holiday

KRISTINA said...

Well thanks!!! It wasn't a bad day at all...I was still messed up though..LOL..

KRISTINA said...

Thank You!!! I really like them.