Monday, August 23, 2010

Boy Am I Tired!

Well the weekend is over...blah!!!
However I had a really great weekend! Full of fun and little extra surprises!
We found a sweet garage sale that had some antiques and of course a few items had to come home with me
HERE was the cutest thing at the sale!

What a sweet little darling!!
It was THE best garage sale ever!!!
Apparently her mother was killed  and she was found wandering around. Some people called the Fish and Wildlife and they pretty much told them to take it back and that thats nature's way!!
Yeah...I don't think so!!!!
So this lady has been bottle feeding her and I guess when they can't take care of her they will take her to a petting zoo or something.
Her name is Becky!!!
I donated a few extra bucks to the milk fund!!! The video quality isn't the greatest and there is no sound..wasn't to sure how to work his camera. Didn't want to break it!!!

I finished a bear on Friday that I would like to show so I hope to take some pics of her..maybe tomorrow.
Also I am very happy to say that my Sweet Ellie May has been adopted by somebody in Australia!! How cool but WOW shipping was outrageous!!! I willl have to unfortunately charge more next time.
Plus I sold some of my mini boxes from my Etsy store..woohoo!
Now I defintely need to make more for the Dollhouse show!!
OH and of COURSE!!!
WELCOME to my new follower!!


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The Bear's Blog said...

Oh so precious. Bet you wanted to take the baby with you. I would.

And....are you going to do a "show & tell" of your treasures?

Joyce & The Bears

Melanie Clark said...

Fish and Wildlife are such jerks. I needed help with some Goslings that wandered into my WORK. Luckily for the internet I learned if you put them with any Mother and Father they don't know the difference and will just look after them.. lol. So we went for a car ride to a pond not far from here. Lol.
What a sweet little fawn. Such nice people who have decided to look after her.

Katy Cameron said...

Heh, I thought for a minute you were going to say you bought a fawn at the sale!