Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dollhouse Pics.....Lots of em'

Our Dollhouse show and sale is fast approaching and Mom and I brought her dollhouse up from the basement so we can get it travel ready. I am soooo excited that we are going to be bringing the house for display. It will be so nice for Mom to hear all the comments about her house!!!
So I took some pics!!
Hope you enjoy!!!

There are soooooo many little things that I just adore about this house. The sweet details Mom has put in it!! The cat playing with the feather in the livingroom, the dog looking up at the sausage ring wondering how he can reach it!!! Mushrooms growing on the roof of the outhouse and YES there is a little something even in the outhouse HAHAHA!!!!
I found this house at a yard sale. It was in terribale condition and the lady said I could have it for $7.00. SOLD!!!!
I knew Mom could do something with it and BOY did she!!!
I have a couple of pics of the house before. I am sure glad I took those pictures!!!

OMG!!! What a transformation!!!!
Hugs and Happy Sunday!!!

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The Bear's Blog said...

My Dear Friend,

Please tell your Mom that I love that doll house. Her details are wonderful. I love the puppy chewing on the slipper. Those little things make for a real, lived in home.

I hope she is ready for the beautiful comments she will be receiving.

HOH (Heaps of Hugs - Prudence & Sissy made that up)


Ascension said...

Que preciosa transformacion!!!!
Dale la enhorabuena a tu mama, ha hecho un trabajo genial!!!
Me encanta el jardin!!!!
Todos los detalles de la casa, estan preciosos.
Seguro que recibira muchas felicitaciones por su trabajo.
besitos ascension

The Littlest Thistle said...

Wow, she did an amazing job, so glad it's getting ot go out and play. I particularly love the outhouse lol

Алена said...

Очень замечательная работа! супер домик получился! столько деталей!

Melanie Clark said...

Omg look at what she did to that house!!! That is awesome! I can't wait to see it at the show. Don't let me forget to come eh! lol!!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I'm glad you can't see me because my mouth is probably hanging open!
I am STUNNED at this creation of adorable perfection! I have always, all my life wanted to do something like this...and here is someone who has. Oh, I am sure there are others...but I am willing to bet your mother's creation has them beat! GORGEOUS!

Like a beyond discription sunset, when you find tears on your cheeks...that is how I felt when I saw this little home. Your Mother's heart and personality are reflected in it.
Much love and appreciation to you for sharing.

Heather said...

Absolutely lovely work!

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Joyce! I will let Mom know! I'm going to have so much fun listening to all the feed back she is going to get!!!

KRISTINA said...

Thank You Ascension!!!! She is enjoying all the comments I read to her!!!

KRISTINA said...

I know!! I Love the outhouse!!!! Of course it won't smell like the usual outhouses!!! LOL

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Aneha!!!

KRISTINA said...

LOL I will remind you of the show!!!

KRISTINA said...

Thank you so much Mona for taking the time to say such kind and wonderful words. My mother was very happy knowing she inspired you and that it brought you so much joy!!!
Thank you for the kind words!!!

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Heather!!!