Thursday, August 5, 2010

For all The Warm Hugs

I really appreciate all of your kind words and hugs!!
It has helped me and I am glad I shared!
So I am carring on and today in between moments of tears I was able to take some photos of my new baby!
~*Ellie May*~

I had such fun making her and aging her sweater and dress! I loved this mohair the minute I got it. It's a beautiful sage green...Me thinks I need to get some more!!!!

Plus I would like to share the beautiful flower arrangement I received at work today from my wonderful man....who is on vacation in Ontario with his kids visiting his folks. So he hasn't been here as all this is happening and the poor guy is getting messages from an emotional crazy woman(MY NAME HERE)!
So he had these delivered to brighten my day!

Very sweet and thoughtful!
Thank you baby!!!
Now I am off to pack a bag I am going to go to the lake with my Aunt and Uncle.
Hugs To All

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Heather said...

What an adorable elephant!

And what a lovely guy to do that, even while he's away and busy!

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Heather! Yeah that what I thought to!!! He can be very sweet!!!

The Littlest Thistle said...

Gorgeous ellie, and lovely flowers too

The Bear's Blog said...

What a sweet little girl Ellie is...

All of Us