Thursday, August 26, 2010

How can it Be Thursday AlreadY???

Not that I'm complaining!! I'm very happy it's Friday tomorrow!!!
Hey I managed to take some pics of my know the one I wanted to take pics of on Tuesday!??
Well better late than never!!
Here she is and she is displayed with a few of the items I purchased at that wonderful garage sale!


My new baby was plucked, rubbed, pulled and stained...LOL..poor thing! But it gave her a wonderful well loved look and I am in Love with her! She also smells wonderful as well!! I purchased this really nice staining spray that is scented, it smells like Hyacinth. I think I shall get some more!!!
I Think I Might Have To Keep Her!!

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The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Kristina,

Oh, we really love Rosebud, she is just the cutest little girl.

We think that she MUST stay with you and Julie & FatCatJames. (o:

Heaps of Hugs,
Prudence & Sissy

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, she's gorgeous