Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just A Lil' Guy



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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Minis and Bears

Well after crawling out of bed at 10:00!!!!
I 've spent the morning placing my minis in my Etsy store

I will be getting some of Mom's sweet minis on as soon as I get my table back...again!!
Testing out the table for next weekend's Bear Show!!
It's looking GOOD!!!
Here"s a few pics of my finished elephant and pug dog..which will be available for adoption at the Bear Show!!

***SUSIE Q***

Hugs and Happy Sunday!!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Full of Fun

This morning Mom and I went to a locale community garage sale....they have it twice a year and we try not to miss it cause they usually have some cool stuff and for really cheap!!!
I was actually able to take some pics cause Mom and I moved the doll house off the table..
My favorite find
this old, worn radio!!!!
Of course it dosen't work but I just love it and it cost me a whoppin'
I can imagine listening to one of those old radio shows...heehee
It's great! I think it will also be great as a prop for pictures.
Some of my other finds
these will look great on a bear!!!
A sweet wooden car..which I will age...
and it's full of a whack of sweet pins and jewllery for the bears.
I also found some red polka dot fabric that will make it's way on an elephant!!!
Like I said earlier I was able to take pictures that is what I have been doing for the last 4 hours..HAHAHAHA!!
Pics of bears and a lot of minis for etsy!!
So tomorrow I will show off my latest bear creations!!!
I would like to give a warm welcome to my new follower
Misses Peaches Meowz

Visit her blog @
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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Sweet Friend

My Mom got the sweetest surprise today from her friend and co-worker...
It was the sweetest thing..she is such a wonderful and caring person...
The world IS a better place with people like her in it!!!
Of course the cake was for Mom winning the best dollhouse in show..
in case someone missed reading that...NAH I just like saying it again and again!!!
Happy weekend!!!
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holy Cow!!!

I saw it!!!!
It was just the other day....MONDAY!!!
It was there!!!!
I have a Mom saw it too!!!
there it was..


I kid you not!!!

I believe it's 94 days until....Christmas

And to those who are cringing in their know who you are!!

Even he "LOVED" Christmas!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Fantastic Day

I am SO happy and proud to share that my Mom won "Best Dollhouse in Show"!!

That's my Mom on the right side of the picture!!!
It was soooo great watching the people admire Mom's house. The moment I carried it in people were at the house and it hadn't even been set up it still had tissue paper stuffed in it!
The cameras were going was like house was on the "red carpet" heehee.
It was such a great feeling to watch and listen to people comment on the house. One of the workers at the show told me that they wished they had a tape recorder going so they could play for Mom how much people were talking about it.She said it was right from the beautiful, amazing, OMG'S...and so on and so on!!! What a wonderful feeling!!!
Mom was extemely thrilled to win and most of all to get all those wonderful comments from everyone!
So THANK YOU to all who voted for my Mom's house!!
The sale part of the show was awesome too!! Both Mom and I did very well!!!
Of course did some shopping as well. Got some goodies for Mom for Christmas. Didn't get anything for shopping spree will be in 2 weeks at the Doll and Bear show! Saving my pennies for that one!!!
Here are a few more pics of Mom's pretty house and our table..just before the doors opened!!

Now I will concentrate and finish my critters for the next show!
Happy Monday!!!
PS: My Mother says THANK you to all those who left such wonderful posts about her house!!!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The BIG change......

My Favorite Tree
It's just a huge tree and it is always one of the first to change colors and lose all his leaves!!!
I captured it in a few pics..

And this morning.......

I think Fall has arrived!!!
Well tomorrow is the Mini Dollhouse show and sale!!!
Should be loads of fun!!
Can't wait!!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

60 and still going...heehee....

to KIM my
Thank you
Please stop by her blog and look at her beautiful creations!!!

I have myself a lovely cold.....woohoo..BLAH!
Hopefully it will be much better before Sunday. I would hate to be sick at the Dollhouse show and sale!
For those of you who live in the area I really hope to see you and PLEASE stop by and say HI!!!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Perfectly Fall Monday

I Love Fall!!!
The colors, the smells.....the warm cozy feeling you get. I love that I can use my fireplace and I really love that I can Start planning for Christmas!!!!
I know some of you are thinking..."CRAZY"...which could be true!!!

This weekend has been busy getting ready for the Dollhouse show and sale. Organize all the minis and pricing and packing.
I think it's going to be sooo much fun!!
I hope Mom and I do well but I am looking forward to the comments Mom is going to get on her dollhouse!!!
Plus whatever doesn't sell will be going straight into the Etsy store. Mom and I haven't listed anything new cause we have been saving all our there is going to be a day of lots of picture taking and time at the puter!!!
On Saturday Mom, my friend Lorraine and I went to a town garage sale. We try to go every year. It's so much fun and I was lucky enough to bring home a few do-dads...
Sorry the pics aren't the greatest but my usual spot for taking pics is being used by a dollhouse..heehee..
Some rusty old bells, keys, locks and a wooden tray that will be great for pictures!

A worn out tin...LOVE it!!!

A sweet little dress...cause I had to!!
Plus we ate some warm and surgary mini doughnuts....OMG sooo good and a slightly burnt burger made by the local fire department. You think they would know how NOT to burn a burger...LOL..
Oh well it was still very yummy and of course it's all for charity!
I finished a new pug dog and a mini bear that will be going to the show with me. I am all set for the minis I wanted to have for the mini sale. Now all I need to do is price and package! That's the one thing about minis
they don't take a whole lotta room!!!
Happy Monday!!!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Looky Looky!!!!

Hope you like them!!
These are coming to the Dollhouse show and sale with me!
Whatever doesn't sell will be listed in my Etsy store!!

Soooooo MUCH FUN!!!!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010


I'm So proud !!!
I got my camera out!!
Okay here are some pics of my new critters


George with Rosebud
( Rosebud currently for adoption on Ebay)
George will be available for adoption soon!

Still debating if I should bring Gracie to my bear show for sale or place her for adoption on Ebay....
Pink Giraffe
No Name Yet!!!

I would like to welcome to my newest follower!!
Now that I have done is back to the creating for me. I have been making some more mini boxes for the Dollhouse show and sale that's just two weeks away!!!
Hope you have a great Sunday!!!

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Friday, September 3, 2010



Okay I did not take pics today!!! I know BAD, BAD Kristina...
But I do have good news...I got my 3 days at my new job!!!!
Very excited!! Went out and bought myself a few new pairs of pants..
Figure it's a fresh start.......need fresh pants..LOL...
I finished sewing my pug dog and I am playing around with a new design and I have an idea for a new BIG elephant. I found this old dress at the antique mall and that's what I keep picturing in my head.
So I think that's the plan..however these critters tend to have minds of their own!
I just got to pick out the perfect mohair!
Hmmmmmmm....maybe I need to buy some more?????????
Happy Weekend!!!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Number 57

And A BIG WELCOME to Nicole!!!
Hey I am on a roll.......funny what you can achieve when you are unemployed!!!
I finished my pink elephant...and a bear!!!
Plus I am working on a mini bear and I cut out the pieces for a new pug!!!

I begin my new job next Thursday and I'm looking forward to it! We are starting at 2 days a week...might be more. If I can get 3 days a week I will be happier then a pig in....welllll you know!!
I will take some pics of my new critters soon!!!

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