Monday, September 20, 2010

A Fantastic Day

I am SO happy and proud to share that my Mom won "Best Dollhouse in Show"!!

That's my Mom on the right side of the picture!!!
It was soooo great watching the people admire Mom's house. The moment I carried it in people were at the house and it hadn't even been set up it still had tissue paper stuffed in it!
The cameras were going was like house was on the "red carpet" heehee.
It was such a great feeling to watch and listen to people comment on the house. One of the workers at the show told me that they wished they had a tape recorder going so they could play for Mom how much people were talking about it.She said it was right from the beautiful, amazing, OMG'S...and so on and so on!!! What a wonderful feeling!!!
Mom was extemely thrilled to win and most of all to get all those wonderful comments from everyone!
So THANK YOU to all who voted for my Mom's house!!
The sale part of the show was awesome too!! Both Mom and I did very well!!!
Of course did some shopping as well. Got some goodies for Mom for Christmas. Didn't get anything for shopping spree will be in 2 weeks at the Doll and Bear show! Saving my pennies for that one!!!
Here are a few more pics of Mom's pretty house and our table..just before the doors opened!!

Now I will concentrate and finish my critters for the next show!
Happy Monday!!!
PS: My Mother says THANK you to all those who left such wonderful posts about her house!!!

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The Bear's Blog said...

Oh Kristina,

Congratulations to your Mom. What a wonderful way to begin the day.

Your table display is beautiful, thank you for sharing.

Has your Mom's feet touched the ground yet? It is such a wonderful feeling when you receive compliments on a project, it gives you the "fire" to get to the next one. (o:

Happy Monday

Ascension said...

Kristina, enhorabuena a tu mama y mis felicitaciones.
Una mesa fantastica.
besitos ascension

Melanie Clark said...

Yay! I told you guys it would win. With the buzz around it.. well it HAD to win.
Glad you guys had a good show. It was fun hanging out for awhile. Can't wait to see you again in 2 weeks.
Happy sewing!!

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Joyce!!! Not sure if her feet have touched ground yet...I hope not!!! It was sooo wonderful to see!!!

KRISTINA said...

Thank you Ascension!!
We had lots of fun.....I will tell her you said congrats!!

KRISTINA said...

And they kept buzzing for the rest of the one point my Mom saw people holding a flashlight at the house so they could take brighter pictures!!! LOL
Whatever the highest cloud there can be sure Mom is on it!!!
Can't wait for the doll and bear show..I must shop!!

Katy Cameron said...

Yay, congrats to her, and well done to both of you on the great sales :o)