Monday, September 13, 2010

A Perfectly Fall Monday

I Love Fall!!!
The colors, the smells.....the warm cozy feeling you get. I love that I can use my fireplace and I really love that I can Start planning for Christmas!!!!
I know some of you are thinking..."CRAZY"...which could be true!!!

This weekend has been busy getting ready for the Dollhouse show and sale. Organize all the minis and pricing and packing.
I think it's going to be sooo much fun!!
I hope Mom and I do well but I am looking forward to the comments Mom is going to get on her dollhouse!!!
Plus whatever doesn't sell will be going straight into the Etsy store. Mom and I haven't listed anything new cause we have been saving all our there is going to be a day of lots of picture taking and time at the puter!!!
On Saturday Mom, my friend Lorraine and I went to a town garage sale. We try to go every year. It's so much fun and I was lucky enough to bring home a few do-dads...
Sorry the pics aren't the greatest but my usual spot for taking pics is being used by a dollhouse..heehee..
Some rusty old bells, keys, locks and a wooden tray that will be great for pictures!

A worn out tin...LOVE it!!!

A sweet little dress...cause I had to!!
Plus we ate some warm and surgary mini doughnuts....OMG sooo good and a slightly burnt burger made by the local fire department. You think they would know how NOT to burn a burger...LOL..
Oh well it was still very yummy and of course it's all for charity!
I finished a new pug dog and a mini bear that will be going to the show with me. I am all set for the minis I wanted to have for the mini sale. Now all I need to do is price and package! That's the one thing about minis
they don't take a whole lotta room!!!
Happy Monday!!!
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Katy Cameron said...

Hope the show goes well for you :o)